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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Where are you located, and what are your hours?
A) We are located at 8205 Snowden River Parkway, Unit D., Columbia, MD, 21045. Click to see map and hours.

Q) What do you do with a puppy if it does not sell?
A) All of our puppies sell at some point. The price is reduced as needed, and we keep and care for the puppy as long as necessary until it is sold.

Q) What types of breeds do you carry?
A) We carry a variety of different breeds. The majority of them are pure bred puppies and hypoallergenic puppies. We do not carry certain types of dogs that are prevalent in shelters. We encourage our customers to visit local shelters and rescues if they would like to adopt a breed such as this. We also do not carry Tea-Cup breeds because of health issues.

Q) Where do you get your puppies?
A) We get our puppies from only the best and most reputable breeders. Our puppies for sale are never selected from breeders with sub-standard kennel conditions, without exception. Breeder information is readily available for each puppy. You will notice that each and every puppy is happy and healthy.

Q) Are your puppies delivered to the store?
A) No, we donít deliver puppies as this is an added stressor to a puppy which can compromise their immature immune system.

Q) Will you ship a puppy for a customer?
A) We do not ship puppies to customers. A special exception may be made if we have already met the customer and they are within the state. In this case we would personally transport the puppy, rather than use a shipping company.

Q) Do you carry hypoallergenic cross breeds?
A) Yes, hypoallergenic puppies have become increasingly popular among dog lovers because of their non-shedding coats. This can reduce/eliminate allergic symptoms in people that otherwise may not be able to be around a dog. We try to always carry an ample selection of adorable non-shedders.

Q) Do you carry any other cross-breed dogs?
A) Occasionally we will carry certain cross-breeds which have been bred together for a specific and beneficial purpose, such as reducing the occurrence of certain breed related health concerns. An example of this would be an Ori-Pei, which is a Pug/Shar-Pei mix. The Shar-Pei is genetically prone to have issues such as eye tacking, skin problems, and hip dysplasia. By mixing the two breeds, it greatly reduces the occurrence of these issues.

Q) Are your puppies registered and pedigreed?
A) Yes, all of our puppies for sale are registered and pedigreed. Most are registered with the AKC, while others are from other reputable alternatives such as the APR and the ACA. Just ask and we will be glad to show you the pedigree for any puppy. Many of our dogs have a show dog champion bloodline. You will receive the pedigree when you purchase the puppy. The registration costs are already paid for, and all you have to do is register the puppy with your information.

Q) Are your puppies vaccinated and up to date?
A) All of our puppies are up to date on their vaccinations and dewormings. After 8 weeks of age, our puppies are vaccinated at 12 and 16 weeks, and are dewormed once a month until 6 months of age. While our puppies are under our care they receive all their scheduled vaccinations and dewormings.

Q) Once sold, how do you guarantee the health of your puppies?
A) In the event that your puppy becomes ill after purchase, we include a 14-Day warranty, as well as a 1-year warranty on any hereditary and congenital defects that may develop within that time. Please see our guarantee for more info.

Q) Do you have a specific veterinary clinic that cares for your puppies?
A) Yes, we work with VCA Columbia Animal Hospital at Hickory Ridge. They care for our puppies with the same love and attention that we do. They use some of the most advanced veterinary techniques today. We recommend VCA with total confidence for our puppy needs, as well as yours.

Q) Why can’t I touch the puppies while they are in their cribs!? They are so cute and it is so hard not to!
A) We require this in order to reduce the spread of germs. Puppies do not have well developed immune systems and are easily susceptible to germs, regardless of the fact that they are all up to date on their vaccinations. This is very similar to how young children in a classroom together can easily spread a cold or flu. A mother would not let any stranger put their hands near their baby’s mouth, and this is no different. By playing with a puppy in the Puppy Park, our staff can ensure that each customer sanitizes their hands before and after touching EACH puppy.

Q) If I sanitize my hands when I walk in the door, then why can’t I touch the puppies in their cribs?
Q) If I sanitize my hands when I walk in the door, then why can’t I touch the puppies in their cribs?
A) You can still spread germs from puppy to puppy if you touch one, and then another. Although our puppies are among the healthiest you can find, we still must take any and all precautions. Like humans, puppies can silently carry germs for over 7 days without showing any symptoms. If one puppy is silently carrying a cold, it can be spread to the others before any symptoms show. We do not make exceptions for any customers, so please do not ask! In short, please just ask if you would like to play with a puppy, and our friendly staff will gladly help you out. Thank you for your understanding and please help us keep our puppies as healthy as they can be.

Q) What do you do with the puppies at night time?
A) After the store closes, each puppy is placed in their own individual kennel for the night. They are given adequate food and water, as well as beds and toys. The smaller pups are given Nutrical, which is a vitamin enriched paste to prevent hypoglycemia. Since the puppies get plenty of play time each day, they will typically sleep soundly the entire night. Our employees come in several hours before the store opens to clean each kennel, give baths, and do many other tasks to prepare the store for the day.

Q) Can I make a special request for a particular breed?
A) You may request to be added to our breed request book, where we will take your information and notify you as soon as that breed is in. Certain breeds will sell faster than others, so this is the best way to make sure you get to see that puppy before they are sold.

Q) Do you have a Facebook page?
A) Yes! Please click here and like us to see more pictures, news, and fun!

Q) Do you offer financing?
A) Yes! Please click here to see if you are approved for our financing program.

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